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Character Design


Game Art

2D Art, Animation

Engine: Unity
Tools: Infinite Painter, Affinity Photo
Beeline is a 2.5D puzzle game about guiding bees to their hive while pollinating flowers along the way.I was the 2D art lead on this project and was given the goal of a vibrant, serene game with some whimsical tones. After some discussion with the team, we decided on a cartoonish look with some line boil. After some sketches, I landed on what was wanted and further iterated to finalize the sprites for the two types of bee and each version of the flowers (before and after pollination).

2D Art, Animation, Logo

Engine: Unity
Tools: Infinite Painter, Krita
Dumpster Dungeon is a top-down, dungeon-crawling, beat-em-up about a boxing rat digging through various dumpsters to furnish their home.For the style of Dumpster Dungeon, we wanted a messy, vibrant aesthetic. I chose to use rough, hatched linework and bold colors for both the characters and the tileset. I wanted to ensure everything looked a bit gross and used in a cartoony way.To bring the characters to life, I decided to use straight-ahead animation. This technique means animations are made off-model and without keyframes. Frames are made using only the previous frame as a reference. I immediately knew this was the way to go during preproduction because it would produce the loose, energetic vibes the team wanted to capture.I wanted to capture the same feel in the game's logo, so I did hand lettering instead of an established font.

2D Art, Character Design Textures, Animation, Logo

Tools: Infinite Painter, KritaDamocles is a medieval-inspired, biopunk, retro FPS about a bio-engineered assassin going after its target.For the development of Damocles, I was given almost full reign over the art direction of the game. After some discussion about possible directions, we landed on a weird sci-fi setting based on a piece of art I previously made. Extrapolating a world from that, I crafted a setting where biomechanical entities were used in a war between vague kingdoms. The player character is an assassin machine activated and set after a target.The art is mostly hand-drawn except for some pixel art assets. The engine we used (a standalone FPS maker) had strict frame limits that I had to work within while still maintaining quality animation to fit the style. The simple logo is meant to be fancy, fleshy, and brutal.

Ghost Helper
2D Art, 3D Art, Design

Engine: Unity
Tools: MediBang Paint, Canva, Affinity Designer,
Ghost Helper is a first-person adventure game about a robot scavenger exploring an ancient arcology and helping the ghosts trapped within solve their problems.On this project, I wanted to do a straightforward, clean, comic aesthetic. I wanted to showcase the cleanest version of my personal art style. I tried to carry this into the textures I painted for the 3D environments.The ghosts are a combination of three colors used for the shape, outline, and outline glow. I wanted these characters to be vaguely human yet extremely expressive. Along with their use in visual novel-style conversations, these ghost illustrations are used within the 3D environment as billboard sprites.I also did some graphic design work for posters and collateral to populate the game's 3D environment.

Ghost Helper: Pocket Mall
2D Art, Pixel Art

Engine: GB Studio
Tools: Aseprite
Ghost Helper: Pocket Mall is a Gameboy Color adaptation of the original Ghost Helper prototype.This started as a way to learn GB Studio and has since expanded into its own game.The main challenge was adapting the environment and art into a smaller, pixelated format. I based it on the GameBoy Zelda games that mixed perspectives to create unique gameplay.


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